About Gary Frenay

I am a singer/songwriter and founding member of the Syracuse, NY-based bands The Flashcubes, Screen Test, The Neverly Brothers and The FabCats. I am also a freelance writer with a degree in magazine journalism from the Newhouse School of Journalism at Syracuse University.

3 thoughts on “About Gary Frenay

  1. …always been a fan of yours….have seen both of your groups over the years….I’m an ex WG teacher…now living in FL all the best …Brian T


  2. Hello Gary – I have just re-read all of the blog entries except the Greek Odyssey (I’ll save that for another occasion – just like leaving some of the fudge for later rather than eating it all in one sitting). I know I would rather be in Syracuse hearing you play music, but this will have to do for now. I do enjoy your writing nearly as much, though. I hope to see you in November when we return to Upstate NY for a wedding. Give my love to Jackie, and Artie, and all the crew at the Sheraton. Warm regards!


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